Galaxy Note 3

The portrait rights and name rights of athletes who made to the final rounds other than previously contracted athletes among athletes of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics were contracted quickly in real time. It delivered to viewers of happiness of victory and impression of the scene by on-airing real time after specialized voice actor recording to the video provided by IOC right after end of Olympic game. As the real time advertisement, the launching volume with Park Tae Hwan was filmed with 4 Olympic medalists for ten days in oversea.

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Hanwha Life

In order to find mixed-blood baby model in between 10 months old and 24 months old who matches the concept of advertisement, baby model ‘Alex’ was casted who perfectly matches brand image with cooperation requests to foreigner on-off line communities, baby studios, consulates, and searching bay model material all over the nation for 1 month. The best condition maintenance was prepared by checking toys and snacks Alex like, nap time and bedtime with consideration of acting or gesture direction is difficult according to advertising conti and the need of delicate site progress for baby model. Acquiring satisfactory advertisement was succeeded after placing emphasis on making film site comfortable to Alex. Alex bynames of ‘nitpikcing baby’, ‘nitpicker’ of Hanwha Life due to casting, and became the best baby CF star.







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Coway-Water Development Project

Thirty middle schools in metropolitan area were searched and explained the purpose of project one by one to find middle school first grade class which will be the actual model, however, it was very difficult to cast for final approval needed from the Education Office and negative reactions of advertisement exposure. We have received positive answer from Kyomoon Middle School after 2 months of casting, but it was not easy for parents to approve in case of hurting their children after broadcasting for the reason of ordinary people who are unfamiliar with media exposure. Ready received approval from Kyomoon Middle School teachers and 56 students and parents through parent meeting with experience and know-how. Since it was long term project of student drinking water for six months and filming students changing healthier into 8 volumes of real documentary, the project was successfully ended through close communication and consistent management of students by consistently visiting school during six months of project.
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SK Telecom ‘NUT’

Ready consulted effective condition (number of different versions) and model fee by casting Yuna, Seohyun, Siwon, Gyuhyun, Minho, and Sully who are representatives of each group from SM Entertainment, Girls Generation, Super Junior, Shinee, and F(x). It was not easy to juggle schedule of 6 artists from 4 teams on the same day since each one of them were very active. Ready finished amicable discussion for advertisement filming schedule through many meeting and discussions with managements of each team, advertising concept and number of versions that client wanted were filmed, and renewal of contract was induced.

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It was difficult shooting with gathering 1500 people in Incheon Munhak Ball Park to film cheer which is the charm of baseball park and repeating surfing cheer with moving 12 meter high mega Cass balloon only by manpower. In preparation for easily exhausting hot weather, separately casted yell leader and cheerleader from professional sports team to add the amusement, and performed the actual hot cheering of ball park by inducing actors to enjoy through events in between filming.

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Galaxy Note Day

This is the performance project held simultaneously in Seoul, Busan, and Kwangju with the combination of Cha Seung Won, Lee Dong Wook, Seo In Gook, Lim Seul Yong, musical actors, performance groups, and B-boys under direction of director Jang Jin. Ready played a role in making the project successful with only Ready’s know-how of multi casting including model planning, SNS promotion, and management from casting movie directors, actors, b-boys to performance presentation. In addition, casted many celebrities (total of 12 including singer Kim Yuna, model Song KyungA, designer Ginny Kim, Choi Beom Suk, Ha Sang Baek, chef Sam Kim, webtoon writer Noblesse, Horang, Kwak Baek Soo) as ambassadors, and made active on-offline promotion by print promotion writing on homepage and make participate the event for personal SNS and Galaxy Note Day unlike other advertisements.






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Sonata Brand Film

The casting was proceed with 8 employees visiting schools for deaf and associations of disabilities in 10 cities countrywide to find the model that accord with the concept prior to advertisement filming. It was difficult to make fourteen years old deaf student who just reached puberty understand from casting to appearance to the advertisement. We finally found the main character of advertisement ‘Bang Dae Han’, and parents, school, and deaf association approved after several attempts with many times of visit and persuasion. Deaf student Bang Dae Han went to Busan and filmed for 5 days due to 5 minute long advertisement unlike other advertisement, and won ‘2013 Advertisement Grand Prize’ with making touching advertisement that emphasized humanism.
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Artists Collaboration

레디에서는 다양한 분야의 아티스트와 기업간의 콜라보레이션을 위한 Celebrity Casting 및 Organizing 하고 있습니다.


오비맥주와 스티키몬스터랩, 스티브J&요니P의 콜라보레이션

카프리병에 아트콜라보레이션을 하며 그 과정을 촬영해 

옥외광고 및 프로모션 광고로 사용한 사례



삼성전자와 최범석디자이너의 콜라보레이션

레디가 에이전트하는 셀럽 최범석디자이너와 삼성전자가 

2012 런던 올림픽을 기념하여 2012개의 올림픽스페셜에디션

(단말기케이스 및 파우치)을 제작, 프로모션으로 활용한 사례







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Galaxy S3 – Star Corps

Galaxy S3 from Samsung Electronics was the largest scale of total 46 casts with 9 teams of idol groups and 11 teams of KBS . This project had difficult adjustments of scene progression, model fee, and scheduling, but Ready derived schedule that all artists can film on the same time of the same day after directly visiting management companies and finishing understanding and adjustment. It showed certain dignity of Galaxy S3 with total 16 different series of advertisement including music video ‘Ae three song’ filmed for two days and 12 images filmed for 3 days. In addition, Ready provided pleasure to many people with presenting meeting among 9 teams of idol groups that participated in advertising and fans through ‘Music Festival’. 

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The key of Bacchus advertising model casting was casting silver model who can success in his role from friendly impression to acting. Therefore, found ‘Kwak Yong Geun’ only with hunting after visiting community service centers and elder’s colleges which provide leisure activities to elders starting hunting from senior centers in all metropolitan areas. Kwak Yong Geun became hot issue after Bacchus advertisement, he was casted for SK Broadband, Shinhan Card, M/V of Lee Hyo Ri, Bing-grae Boong-u Ssamancho, SK-II, Winia dehumidifier, Alba Heaven straight and it was the beginning of renaissance as a silver model.

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Galaxy Cine Note

In order to cast actor Ha Jung Woo and movie director, we adjusted and casted sound source, contents by directly contacting movie production company, casting singer Lee Seung Cheol for production of movie OST and webtoon BGM, and casting webtoon writer Noblesse for webtoon production.The project exclusive team was created for close communication and quick management to finish the tight schedule for three months of movie filming schedule, production presentation, and preview of 3 movies acted by Ha Jung Woo and directed by 3 movie directors (Lee Jae Yong, Kang Hyung Cheol, Jang Hoon) besides advertisement filming.
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Ha Yeon Soo(Skinfood), Kim Ji Won(Oran C), Seo Ye Ji(Galaxy S4), Son Su Hyun(Cannon), Song Yu Jung(Estee Lauder) were discovered by Ready before exposure to other media. Casting directors of Ready continuously doing meetings with schools with department of theater and film and acting academies and hunting (fashion week, university festivals) as well as profile selection and real face test of management companies to find new face models ahead of anyone, and making the effort to make model in the best quality with installing specialized photo studio only for Ready. New face models discovered by Ready are receiving love calls from advertisement business, broadcasting, and movie with this effort, and overall consistently grow in entertainment world.

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KT Olleh (Gold, come out Dduk Ddak, I hear your voice)

This advertising casted main characters of popular TV dramas MBC (Hahn Jin Hee, Lee Hye Suk, Geum Bora), SBS(Lee Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Yoon Sang Hyun), and intactly used characters of drama.  It was case of clinching contract and filming right after copyright discussion with outsourcing drama production company in short period, and the real drama characters and filming sites were expressed. Actor Hahn Jin Hee became a hot issue by acting comical image which was not seen in dramas or other broadcastings through buzzword “Really~?
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