Privacy Policy

Ready Entertainment (or Company) understands importance of clients’ personal information and makes sure to be in compliance with Act of Information Communications Network Promotion and Protect of Information. Company provides purposes and ways for and in which our clients’ personal information are used, and measures taken in the name of personal information protection. Company will notify in case of revision of personal information handling policy through notice of the website (or separate notifications).

■ Collected Items of Personal Information

Company collects personal information stated below for membership, consult, and service application.

- Items: Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Login in ID, PW, Q&A for PW, emails, record of service use, access log, cookies, access IP information, payment record.

- Collect Method of Personal Information: Website (Membership. Bulletin Board)

■ Purposes of Personal Information Collection and Use

Company uses collected personal information foe below purposes.

- Implementation of contract on service provision and provided contents with fee collection.

- Membership

For membership only service use, confirmations of identification, PIN code, prevention of illicit use by poor members and unapproved use, opinion for membership, age, and agreements by legal representative on collection of personal information of child with age of less than 14.

- Comprehension of Access Frequency or Statistic Data of Member Service Use

■ Retention of Personal Information and Use Periods

In principal, corresponding personal information after fulfillment of collection and use purpose shall be destroyed without hesitation. Company shall retain members’ information for a designated periods regulated below by related acts if there’s a need.

- Retained Items : Log In ID

- Retaining Legal Basis: Act of Credit Information Use and Protection

-Retaining Periods: 3Years

-Record of Mark & Advertisement : 6Months (Act of e-Commerce Customer Protection)

-Record of Contract or Subscription Withdrawal : 5Years (Act of e-Commerce Customer Protection)

-Record of Payment and Commodity Provision : 5Years (Act of e-Commerce Customer Protection)

-Record of Claims or Disputes : 3Years (Act of e-Commerce Customer Protection)

Record on collection/Process and Use of Credit Information 3Years (Act of Credit Information Use and Protection)

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Anti-spam protection:

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